an open platform to create unique and engaging NFT experiences

Use simple building blocks to create crafting adventures, gamified NFT drops, randomized faucets and more.

Any token or tokens can be used as ingredients. Even the output of one recipe can be set as an ingredient for another recipe. Why not start dreaming and crafting on MintCraft today? 

All MintCraft recipes can be integrated into other dapps for the endless creation of custom experiences.

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Recipe Examples

Randomized Faucets

Allows users to claim randomly from a list of predefined tokens within a set time period, either for free, or for a price you define. See PixelPower for an example.

Whitelist Token Claim

Require your users to hold certain tokens in order to claim your whitelist token.

Basic Crafting

Define any token or tokens as input ingredients, toggle optional settings such as duration and cost, and set what the newly crafted output ingredient(s) should be. Input ingredients can optionally be burned (consumed) during the crafting process. Output ingredients can be fixed or randomly selected from a predefined list. Gap Threads uses crafting to gate access to more rare NFTs.


You can optionally add text descriptions and cover art to a recipe to create a story. String multiple recipes together and make the output of prior recipes become the input of the next and you have an on-chain quest… perhaps the beginnings of an RPG!

Gamified NFT drop

Create a quest where collectors compete to craft a limited number of NFTs from your collection. For example, is a gamified drop where users are competing to mint the unique POTUS from each series.

on-chain metadata

Store on-chain metadata for your tokens which can be used to modify the output of other recipes. For example, store the rarity of your NFTs, and use the rarity to modify the duration or output probability of other recipes.

+ Many more

MintCraft will keep evolving and adding new recipes as our community dreams up with more engaging NFT experiences.

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About us

MintCraft is being built by the same people who brought you PixelPotus, Tezerfly, PixelDebates, PixelPower, ArtForge, PRJKTNEON Files, and many others which cannot be named publicly. We’re looking forward to enabling anyone to build these sorts of experiences and beyond.

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The MintCraft team would be happy to help design and seamlessly integrate a unique and engaging NFT experience for your project.

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The MintCraft Open Platform with the build-it-yourself wizard is in the oven and Tezos is about to become the home of the most exciting NFT experiences! Follow us on Twitter for updates and announcements!



August 2022

  • ✅ Initial landing page & social channels established.
  • ✅ Applied for and received a TCF small grant to get started. TCF🔗

September 2022

  • ✅ White glove services. Our team can begin building custom NFT experiences for clients from this point.
  • ✅ Smart contract prototype deployed to Ghostnet.Includes basic recipe creation and execution, but lacks full functionality.
  • ✅ Simple web demo for creating basic recipes and interacting with it.

Fall 2022 - Spring 2023

  • 🚧 Mainnet release of crafting smart contract with support for multiple recipe variations.
  • 🚧 Open platform where creators can create their own spaces and fill them with recipes.
  • 🚧 Crafting UX where users can visit a creators space and interact with their recipes.
  • 🚧 Open API for developers to consume and build custom experiences powered by MintCraft.
  • 🚧 Continually adding new types of recipe building blocks.
  • 🚧 From this point, we will listen to the community and add functionality to support their needs.